Casey's story


Economics and Maths student with a hearing impairment

I’m Casey Early and I’m the Finance Manager at The Physiological Society, a membership organisation. I studied Maths with Economics at Loughborough University and, with a feeling that I would be drawn into the world of finance, bolstered this with a MSc. in Financial Economics at the same institution.

I was lucky enough to get a job at Haysmacintyre Chartered Accountants in 2010 and obtained my ACA qualification in 2012.  My audit work ranged from simple bookkeeping jobs to larger property and manufacturing companies. I ran the firms main pilot study for its new ‘e-audit’ system and also uncovered a major stock fraud. I had only limited charity experience when I was placed on a three month secondment with The Society but got the accounting system and audit into shape. When the job came up I had no hesitation in applying for the role –audit is inherently dull and unsatisfying work and I was also enjoying the charitable environment.

It was a real ‘soft landing’ and I have been at The Society ever since. Since I started, I have moved away from pure ‘accounting’ and developed my HR, IT and governance knowledge. The sector is a great place to work and I can recommend it to anybody.