Financial Ombudsman Service



When a consumer isn't happy with the service they've received from a financial business, and the two parties can't reach an agreement by themselves, they can come to the ombudsman for help. We listen to both sides of the story, examine the evidence, and reach a decision that's fair to everyone.

Most of the people who work here do one of three jobs:

> consumer advisors, the first point of contact for our customers - they provide support and answers
> adjudicators, who listen to both sides of every story before reaching an outcome that feels fair
> team managers, are hands-on leaders who support teams of adjudicators and guide performance

WHAT WE LOOK FOR: All different kinds of people work at the ombudsman service; while experience in customer service or finance could be useful, we're more interested in what you're like as an individual; we're after good communicators who are able to analyse and summarise information and explain it in a way that's easy to understand.

We offer the opportunity to do work that changes things for the better. We strive to create a working environment based on opportunity and fairness, where you'll gain skills and experience that will benefit you for the rest of your career.


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