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INDUSTRY: Consultancy

FTI Consulting are currently recruiting in their Economic and Financial Consulting Practice. FTI's European Economic and Financial Consulting practice, with offices in London and Paris, comprises economists, financial analysts, statisticians, accountants and public policy experts.

We provide law firms, companies, and government agencies with analysis of complex economic issues for use in antitrust and regulation proceedings, litigation damages and international arbitration, media and telecommunications assignments, decision making and public policy debates.

We welcome applications from undergraduates, postgraduates as well as international students. FTI Economic Consulting offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive training programme and also sponsors its graduate recruits through the ACA and CFA qualifications.

What we look for in a graduate
We look for candidates with a keen interest in finance and economics, and sharp analytical skills. Clear communication is very important. We produce reports and presentations for an audience that includes non-economists or people that are not knowledgeable about financial issues. Therefore, it is important to be able to convey complex ideas to people with a non-numerical background.

How we recruit
We ask candidates to submit a CV and cover letter through our online application portal, where they will also undertake a maths test. In the second stage of the application process, we invite candidates to our offices for further numerical and verbal reasoning tests. This is also a good opportunity to meet FTI employees and find out more about the firm. The final stage of the process involves interviews and a case study.  

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