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We are an increasingly influential education charity, engaging the UK's brightest talent to fight a serious social problem - educational inequality.

The link between how well you do at school and in life and how much your family earns is stronger in the UK than almost anywhere in the developed world. But it doesn't have to be this way. Young people need leaders - exceptional people who can bring out the best in them and help them to become successful adults, whatever the circumstances of their lives. The Teach First Leadership Development Programme (LDP) will help you become such a leader.

Our LDP is a two-year commitment that combines teacher training and a fully-funded Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with one-to-one coaching to develop your personal and leadership qualities. You'll gain the skills and experiences needed to become an inspirational leader who drives lasting change in education.

Schools and other organisations working in a wide range of fields - from finance and high-tech to government and the charity sector - recognise our programme's ability to develop leaders for life. They know that people who can engage, stimulate and inspire in the classroom can bring dynamism, resilience, efficiency and imagination to any working environment, no matter where their career takes them.

The LDP is a two-year programme, but it's also the foundation of a life-long engagement with our work to make education fairer. We support our network of ambassadors - those who have completed the LDP - in their leadership positions in education, business and beyond, helping them use their influence to promote change in education. Only with a powerful network of ambassadors across all sectors can we hope to achieve the widespread change that's needed.

Some people join us knowing they want to stay in education, some are sure they don't, and others are uncertain about their plans. All of them find the LDP to be a powerful, rewarding and enlightening experience. And all are changed by it.

Apply now for the 2016 cohort and join thousands of others committed to ending educational inequality.

What we look for in a graduate
We are looking for graduates that not only have a strong academic background but also demonstrate our complex blend of competencies. You will need to show strong leadership potential, high levels of resilience, the ability to self-reflect and the passion to tackle one of the UK's most pervasive social issues.

Typical career paths and progress
Our ambassadors have gone on to a wide range of careers inside and outside the classroom. Many of our ambassadors have stayed in teaching while others have pursued leadership careers in business, policy and the third sector. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Teach First is the perfect foundation for an influential career.

How we recruit
After you apply online, your application is reviewed separately by two experienced members of the recruitment team. If you are successful at that stage, you will be invited to an Assessment Centre.

Success at your Assessment Centre will lead to an offer, conditional on assessments including numeracy, literacy and curriculum knowledge as well as successful completion of the Summer Institute.

Our recruitment team are here to help and keep you informed every step of the way, so if you're ever unsure of the next stage then don't hesitate to get in touch at recruitment@teachfirst.org.uk.

Recruiting timeline
We recruit on a rolling basis.


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