INDUSTRY: Sales, Marketing & PR

We are looking for people who are intellectually curious and motivated by the prospect of delivering high-quality communications services to their clients.  All applicants should have completed an undergraduate degree (class 2:1 or above) or equivalent.  Other than that, there are no set qualifications or criteria and we welcome applications from candidates irrespective of age, gender or background.  All WPP companies are Equal Opportunity employers.

We want people who:
> Are committed to marketing
> Take a rigorous and creative approach to problem solving
> Are intellectually curious
> Function well in a flexible, loosely structured work environment

Our recruiting timeline
Application deadline: 10 November 2016
Interviews: January and February 2017
Start date: September 2017

How we recruit
Online application form at http://wpp.com/wpp/careers/marketing/graduates/

Typical career paths and progress
The multi-disciplinary rotation is unique in the industry and grooms future leaders in the range of marketing needs of our clients.  Senior executive mentors, many of whom are members of the WPP Board of Directors, are assigned to provide overall career guidance.  

Fellows spend three years on the Program: in each year they work in a different WPP company, in a different marketing communications discipline and, usually, on a different continent.  Fellows are likely to work in a client management or planning role although some work on the creative side of an agency.  

Career paths will vary and will depend on the particular skills and aptitude of each individual and the companies selected for the Program rotation.  On completion of the Program, we work to find a position in the Group that takes advantage of the broad experience gained during the three years.

Long-term prospects within a WPP company are excellent, with many former Fellows now occupying senior management positions.

Meet us
Tuesday 18 October, 6pm
Greater London House
Hampstead Road


Case study

Clare Kane

London. Shanghai. Madrid.  

London was my adoptive home, the place whereas a Scot far from the land of “och” and “aye” I stubbornly refused to stop rolling my r’s all through my teens. Shanghai was the summer of magic, the city where my university Chinese was first put to work. And Madrid was where I started my career as a financial journalist, marching alongside miners, interviewing executives and meeting pot-banging octogenarian protesters during Europe’s economic crisis.

Then came the WPP Fellowship. The beauty of the Fellowship is that it values everything that came before, even if you don’t tick the boxes the way other graduate schemes might expect you to. The Fellowship thrusts you into new experiences and environments, letting you build on what you know while always learning through continuous change. And even when the environment is familiar, it suddenly looks different when seen through Fellowship eyes.

Now London is the place where I learned that if the brief doesn’t fit on a page and the idea can’t be expressed in a sentence, you aren’t there yet. Where I discovered that it’s always better to ask, that clients want partners, not doormats, and why two black cats guard the doors to RKCR/Y&R. Shanghai is still the city of magic and also the place where I’ve found that no matter how different cultures might seem on the surface, human motivations remain the same the world over. As a qualitative researcher at TNS in Shanghai I’ve learnt why Chinese toothpaste isn’t minty, how water bottles serve as status symbols and the ways pollution shapes fashion. And Madrid? As I approach the final year of my Fellowship, I know another place will be rewritten, seen through new eyes, coloured by different experiences. And even when the Fellowship comes to its official end, I know the Program has given me the perspective to keep rewriting people, places and creative briefs.

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