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Employment-related Policies and Codes of Practice for The Careers Group, University of London.

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Third party sites and vacancies disclaimer

Third party recruiters placing an advert on behalf of a client are charged £154 + VAT.

  • The Careers Group, University of London, and all its subscribing college careers services, make every effort to ensure organisations listed in our information websites, emails, noticeboards and publications are bonafide.
  • However, we are unable to verify details in their entries and cannot guarantee their accuracy. We strongly recommend you check fully before applying in all cases.
  • We are unable to individually verify the details of vacancies posted to JobOnline and JobAlert. However, we will remove any vacancies where it can be demonstrated that the organisation involved is in contravention of UK law. People applying to vacancies posted do so at their own risk and The Careers Group, University of London will not be held liable for any costs or damages incurred by applicants for vacancies posted on our site.