This code of good practice is intended to establish and maintain recognised standards for both students and employers using The Careers Group, University of London student employment service.

The Careers Group also reserves the right not to advertise vacancies for employment to the nature of which it deems might be liable to bring the University into disrepute.

The Careers Group, University of London will endeavour to assist employers in advertising to suitable students, but reserves the right not to advertise an employer's vacancy.

The employer must make clear the nature of the work offered and specify any necessary skills required, the proposed wages and other terms.

It is the responsibility of the employer to let all candidates know the result of an application as soon as possible or to state that only successful candidates will be contacted.

The employer should be aware of students' study obligations and as a guide should not ask full time students to work in excess of 20 hours per week, except during vacations or other periods when a student does not have the usual pressure of study.

It is the duty of the employer to meet all statutory legal requirements, in particular the employer is reminded of the following:

  • Payment of the national minimum wage
  • Working time directive legislation including holiday entitlement
  • Payment of National Insurance contributions, tax, or where appropriate, submission of Declaration of Income forms [P38(s)] to the Inland Revenue and adherence to health and safety regulations and provision of adequate insurance
  • Adherence to The Children's Act
  • Compliance with legislation against discrimination in employment on basis of disability, ethnic origin, gender etc. and with good practice in respect of non-discrimination on the grounds of age

All adverts from third parties must be for a specific vacancy or recruitment scheme and should not be used to generally promote your third party site or service.

The employer shall satisfy themselves as to the suitability of any employee and shall be responsible for taking up any references provided by the employee before engaging the student.

Where any charge is to be levied on an employer using The Careers Group, University of London's advertising services, the amount, its purpose and the method of payment will be stated clearly.

Adverts which are placed online or sent out via our email JobAlert service will be actioned within 2 working days.

The Careers Group, University of London reserves the right not to advertise vacancies it considers unsuitable for students, and to refuse to advertise further vacancies from any company which breaches this code.